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Welcome to Central Lotus

Central Lotus is a Centre of Excellence providing outstanding service, customer care and a Lotus experience to be enjoyed and remembered.

Situated in the beautiful setting of the Riverside in the heart of Nottingham.

The Centre provides the full range of dealer services:

  • New and used vehicle sales
  • Lotus specific workshop/Race technicians
  • Parts and Accessories

And so much more…


Central Lotus offers the true one-stop-shop for all your motoring needs.

The centre also houses:

Alloy Wheels Specialist
Supply, refurbishment and tyre replacement

Body Repair Workshop
Catering for all body and paint types

Carbon Fibre Manufacturer
For those special parts for both road and race cars


The centre also houses our National Motorsports Academy (NMA) students.

This provides Britain’s first online Motorsport Engineering Degree Courses. Our students are made up of extremely bright, highly motivated enthusiastic individuals, who also work within the centre and our race team, so you can be rest assured your Lotus is in very good hands.

The Centre will be constantly developing, with Phase 1 showroom already completed and Phase 2 to follow in 2021.

Our approach is not to hard sell to our customers, but to provide an outstanding platform in which to immerse our customers into the ways of Lotus and to be truly inspired by this great British brand.

Our aim is to not only invigorate and excite existing Lotus owners, but to bring about a whole new breed of people that have not yet been introduced to Lotus cars. If you own a German or Italian sports car, then Central Lotus should be your next port of call.

Our motto is ‘Love Life, Love Lotus’. For a driving experience that thrills and excites, Lotus is the car for you.

We look forward to seeing all visitors to Central Lotus.

Central Lotus New Showroom - Central Lotus

Ground floor showroom will be completed 5th April 2021

Showroom opening weekend 16th, 17th, and 18th April 2021

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